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E Square Young Engineers Corporation  (ESYE)specializes in providing educational solutions for children and young teens, by offering various programs devised to work in a formal or informal setting. The courses take place in schools, community centers, private centers, after school care programs, Universities and many other locations. ESYE holds summer schools and other specialized activities.
In addition, curriculum are adjusted in order to suit a variety of special needs such as ADHD, PDD Autism, vision and hearing impaired, the elderly as well as intellectually gifted children.
We pride ourselves on our experienced and passionate staff, as well as a professional and innovative pedagogic team. Our company draws instructors who are looking for a positive, constructive and holistic approach to children’s needs in their work environment; an environment we diligently cultivate. We view our instructors as a critical and valued asset, and emphasize a strong work ethic while encouraging a vibrant team atmosphere.
The company carries out activities in 130 centers throughout Israel, and in 2012 started the process to expand internationally.
Initially a one-man venture with 100 participants in 2008 became the largest extracurricular enrichment after-school class supplier in 2011.