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Bricks SCRUM Challenge

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An introduction to SCRUM and Agile working with LEGO®

Workshop time: 4 – 8 hours
Where: On location
Needed equipment: We bring LEGO® kits and other material with us
Number of participants: min 4, max 16

Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum originally was formalised for software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless. The Scrum framework is deceptively simple.

scrumlegoSCRUM is becoming mainstream in the software development world. Larger projects, as we all know, have the tendency of missing deadlines or even fail. Today SCRUM is increasingly used in mid-sized and larger organisations for change management and projects.

Play and learn

The best way to learn something is when you are motivated and you can instantly use what you are learning. We learned that not only our younger students enjoy LEGO®

but their parents also react very positive to the ever popular bricks. The combination of realising a LEGO® project with the SCRUM methodology makes this training into a fun activity.
Working agile and LEGO® are a perfect match. If you have an idea you can quickly materialise your ideas and improve it in iterations.

What will you be doing during the training?

young-engineers-lego-challenge1-150x150The day starts with a short introduction of the most important SCRUM basics. After the introduction we immediately start with a LEGO® building project. Off course we will deal with this project the agile way. The instructor will explain and use all the terminology that is used in a SCRUM based projects and explain how it will improve your daily work. The participants will build and improve LEGO® motorised building models and work as a team.

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Bricks Challenge SCRUM